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While concrete is extremely durable and easy to maintain, proper care prolongs its life and preserves its value. Here are some concrete tips and things to know before pouring decorative concrete in your home.

Establish Your Expectations

As the client, share what you expect from your decorative concrete before we pour. When you let us know what you want from your finished product, we can make adjustments before getting started and guarantee your satisfaction ahead of time.

Set a Timeline

In addition to letting us know what you expect from your final, poured product, set a timeline with us ahead of time. We can let you know what’s realistic for the type of decorative concrete you select and we can be sure to meet your needs on time. We understand the frustration of a deadline passing when many loose ends have yet to be tied. Crete Vision Inc. is respectful to you, your schedule, and your home, which is why we ask every client to set out their expectations first so we can best serve them.

Taking Care of Your Concrete

Those who don’t personally work with concrete regularly may think that as concrete hardens, it becomes stronger over time and is resistant to any damage. This is not the case! While concrete is extremely durable, it does age — which is why we work with you on an education plan to maintain your concrete. Concrete that interacts with water regularly for example can change physically and chemically over time. We discuss this with you and more before starting any job.

Choose the Right Contractor!

The choice is simple; contract Crete Visions Inc. in Ontario to pour your decorative concrete. Our team is dedicated to quality concrete offered at a fair price. In an industry known for taking advantage of their customers, Crete Visions Inc. sets a new standard for quality. We are detail-oriented and open with you throughout the entire project, starting with the creative process up to the installation, and even after, should you need maintenance guidance. Contact us to start pouring decorative concrete for your home today!




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